The Student’s Progress

In what has been an awfully difficult semester during the finals of my B A in Theory of Languages and Literature during a challenging time for the university and its students in South Africa, here are my latest year mark results from this semester:

Media and communications studies – 72%

Theory of the sign – 72%

Structuralism and Semiotics in literary genres – 71%

What this means, folks, is that I am on the verge of passing with distinction in at least 8 courses. This is provided that I am able to read, write and study well before those crucial exams later in the year. Recent engagements with two professors in my faculty suggest that under trying circumstances, they have engaged pleasingly with my work, but have assessed it critically. This can only be good for the student.

Look out for posts down the way where I will share with you some of the highlights of my academic career so far.


2 thoughts on “The Student’s Progress

  1. Oh, gosh, forestscribe, really. But let’s hold back the glowing praise, the exams must still be written, and then we can bask in some summer sunshine. It will be summer by then.

    With reference to our clan, if I may modestly respond, I still say you have confused me terribly with my illustrious brothers.

    But thanks, forestscribe, its awfully sweet of you, and much appreciated.


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