The Cliff

Before you read my latest poem let me just mention where it was originally published.

It was my first published poem in an earlier blog entitled Poetrymarks which you can view if you have access to Google’s Blogger (is that what it’s called? Yes, I think that’s it). That blog is still running, although I’ve just not had time to administer it lately.

I decided to include this poem, amongst others, in a portfolio of works to the South African literary journal; Baobab South African Literary Journal for New Writing.

Do not, however, be fooled by the title as it has in the past included works from South Africa’s best-known, and indeed, Africa’s foremost literary giants through the years. This journal is one of the country’s longest running, but unfortunately due to financial constraints and, I would gather, time constraints, it has been published haphazardly over the years.

One of Baobab’s editors contacted me yesterday to let me know that my contribution/s have been included in the latest edition of this magazine, however, I did not gather what works he had decided to publish. Nevertheless, I have decided to include that portfolio as a series of works in this blog for your reading pleasure. It comes in the form of ten poems, three short stories, seven short academic and literary essays, and one longer essay.

I will publish these works in the coming weeks, alongside my regular posts. Here’s hoping that you at least enjoy your reading. You are welcome to write to me if you feel a need to read something yesterday.

In the meantime, here is the first poem which came about on one of those musing days.

Most North Americans who are budget-savvy will be familiar with the term “financial cliff”. On that particular day I was thinking of the precarious state of most of the world’s economies, its civil strife’s and the potential for the unrest in the Middle East to descend into a third World War.

I was also thinking about the significant changes happening in my own personal life which, thankfully, are not all bad, rather it is a positive curve, it is just a little scary at times.

New beginnings and changes often are, aren’t they?

the cliff

a man
saddened with heavy weights
his heart black and brutal
stands on a cliff

the cold element of the rock
coarses through his limbs
his body stiffens
he looks up

into the deep, dark night
and sees the stars
some die
some still flicker

he sees a new star
so bright, it leads him away from the cliff
yet so far
it causes him to serenely smile



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