I have lost count of how many poems I have written, submitted and published since those earlier days when I first began writing poetry. The poem below was submitted as part of a portfolio to the Baobab Literary Journal (which I mentioned in an earlier blog post). This poem is short and sweet. I hope you enjoy your reading. I’ll explain in a moment how it came about in the first place.

de villiers st

Noticed how many times we say good-bye when we

Part like love birds leaving storm gathering gulping


Atmosphere to sigh out too cold to shudder out rather be in from the

Rain shaking off its moisture as two stable geese after gathering its brood


Fed comforted cherished brood jealous as the fox does when it

Clutches onto a helpless meal when we part kisses too many to gather countless as


Heavy winter drops thud to rumbling roll storm clouds colliding eternally

Never really alone are we solitary panther alone slinking obscurely in


Tree of life hidden from unsympathetic eyes seeks only weakness to ravish

At a peak on a mountain top blue watching pattering steps


Closer to ending journey one final look back not like wife of Lot but happy glance

Careful thought as lonely eagle ponders prey until we meet again


The poem was written on a late winter’s night after I had parted ways with my missus, just for that night, a couple of years ago. It was a typically cold Friday night for us then. I had left the office, she had squeezed in a last round of shopping. It was, thankfully, a happy hour. As we sipped our favourite ales, we talked about our week that was, she more than I.

Then we parted ways on our corner, the dark night already beginning to encroach us. See you, be safe.

It was a frenetic night. Always leaving things until the last moment, I was preparing a portfolio of poems and short stories for my first Creative Writing practical at my university. I was still sitting at my desk, late into the night, thinking about what to write next.

With my missus still fresh in my mind, the words to this poem started to flow. I decided to stick to it and included it to my portfolio without any revisions. When the exam was marked a month later, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I had been awarded a distinction, 83% in all. I was happy. So was she.

Until we meet again…

* look out for further extracts from my submissions to the Baobab Literary Journal.


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