In a functioning constitutional democracy the vote of the voter remains a secret. But in a dysfunctional institution such as exists in the Republic of South Africa, the voter votes under duress while receiving threatening glances from party volunteers and guarded by heavily armed members of the South African Police Services.

EFF one

In a functioning constitutional democracy, the election officials print the correct number of ballot papers to ensure that all who choose to vote will be able to do so freely and fairly. But in the case of the RSA the Independent Electoral Commission, run by Pansy Tlakula prints 50 million ballots, twice the number of those officially registered to vote, and while minority parties such as AgangSA call for the chairperson to resign in light of corrupt tendering procedures, no further light is shed on this potential for vote tampering.

In a functioning constitutional democracy, politicians are accountable to all the country’s citizens, but in South Africa, ruling parties such as the ANC and DA get to work just before elections by publicly announcing the fresh delivery of inferiorly constructed shacks and the mysterious creation of millions of permanent jobs.

In a functional democracy, the president of the nation resigns, or is forced to do so when found guilty of ball tampering, or smoking a cigar in his office. Or is forced to resign when deploying and re-deploying willing savants to spy on opponents. But in South Africa, the president is not accountable for misdeeds such as fraud, theft, corruption and even rape. He is generally praised for making derogatory remarks against those who oppose him.

He even justifies it by using religion or culture as motivation for such deeds, while he remains unaccountable to the millions of citizens living in poverty and hunger, blaming their plight on struggle stalwarts such as HF Verwoerd and BJ Vorster. In their day they were both martyrs. One was forced to resign after been found out, the other was murdered while serving his nation and promoting good neighbourliness in that hallowed house called parliament, an institution created by an empire.

Owing to the commander in chief’s valiant actions of recent times, calling on followers to murder farmers, steal land and rob banks, but more importantly his closely watched vigilance to have the President arrested, charged and thrown in jail to rot, I have decided to join his merry band of Red Berets who will ensure that we will bee economically free in our lifetime and be free to physically or verbally abuse every Dick, Tom, Harry, but more importantly Sally, Thembi, Evelina, Gogo, Madam and Tea Girl.

He is a man with a plan, he takes his name from the great Julius Caesar, and we will proudly render to him.


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