The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of South Africa’s 2014 Elections

MY Latest hard-hitting take on the SA Elections is now under the newsletter MY DURBAN. It may be of particular interest to the party, its members and supporters of AgangSA.

Mark Whelan

Positive, let me leave the good until last. Let me explain. I am a South African, born and bred, and live by the credo enunciated by this country’s first democratically-elected president that South Africa is a land in which all are entitled to live in, freely, fairly and equitably.


Before his sentence to Robben Eiland, he famously remarked, and emphasised that he had fought against white domination, AND against black domination. In the sad twilight of his years, we, as South Africans, were reminded through his glorious biography, Long Walk to Freedom, and in many other instances, that no child is born hating another. Hate, and in the context of South Africa, racial hatred is taught by those who should know better.

Madiba also reminded the democratically assembled South African citizenry that if the ruling ANC, like the National Party before them, should abuse the power given to them, the people, like they did…

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