I will never forget

Too many people, particularly influential citizens of this world, choose to forget, and worse still, some dispute that it ever happened, ganging up against the Jews of Israel, pretending that they are the real aggressors of the most heinous crimes committed against humanity.

holocaust one

While Palestine is under siege, one state after another, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria, the Central African Republic, Ukraine, Georgia, Rwanda, and still more, has crumbled before our eyes.

holocaust two

For thousands of years, the Jews of Palestine and across the world have been brutally persecuted and murdered. Are you still adamant that it never happened? The Jews of today’s Israel have long ago decided that they will not allow themselves to be subjected to another tyranny.

rwanda genocide one

While the denial and refusal to accept responsibility for what happened still continues today, the blood continues to flow.

hitler child

The Jews of Israel, Palestine, Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Egypt, Ethiopia, and many other nations to which they had been forced to flee, not of their own choosing, shared lessons with the rest of the world, believers, non-believers. Let us learn the lessons. Let us not forget. Let us stop it before it happens again.


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