Positive Teaching

My dear Professor.

Allow me to announce to the world my sense of gratitude and pride the result of my final series of essays for the course, Advanced Theory of Poetry. I have withheld your name, because, like myself, I sense that you are a private man. But your academic teaching and literary writings are well-known in Africa.

For reasons of professionalism, protection of copyright and still having to enter the examination room for one of the last occasions that I will do so, I will not be posting any excerpts of my essays at this stage. When they have been published elsewhere and I have completed my degree later this year, I will do so.

ted hughes

There is also a lesson for students, young and old, for no matter how much you struggle, or for how long, the effort, even if one hour a week can only be spared, it is well worth it. It has been a richly rewarding experience so far.

The final essay mark?



Who, or what did I write about?

British and South African poet laureates, Ted Hughes and Antje Krog.  In which I wrote about the global metaphorical aspects of Hughes’ poetry and took to task well-known (South African) literary critics’ subjective views of Krog’s poetry.

On my essay on Ted Hughes the good professor had this to say, “A fine essay, well argued.” I was not aware that argument was required, but anyway.

The professor had this to say on my paper on South African poet, Antje Krog’s Body Bereft, “Your reading is persuasive.” Words to that effect. The mark for this essay was 84%.


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