Andre Brink vs JM Coetzee

Mark Whelan

The work of Andre Brink and J M Coetzee is widely critiqued.

But Brink has, in the past, been incorrectly accused of plagiarism. That he makes liberal use of inter-textual references to colonialism, history and even Coetzee’s works remains a moot point. Brink’s Donkermaan references Coetzee’s Disgrace;

“ I rest my case on the rights of desire …On the god who makes even the small birds quiver “

The liminality of Coetzee’s prose is praised for its “significant use of the present immediacy of the narrated events…”. His literary texts are usually no longer than three hundred pages long. Disgrace and his autobiographical novels, Boyhood, Youth and Summertime, are four such examples.

My comparative analysis of two literary works fall within the genre of biographical writing. English-speaking, I reference Brink’s translation of ‘n Vurk in die Pad, A Fork in the Road. Brink notes that his biography…

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