“Chastity is for lovers”

The Mahatma practised chastity during his marriage and up to his assassination. In terms of what he accomplished, it seems to have done a world of good.

Oh, and he was a Buddhist, a Muslim and a Jew. He was a Christian too.

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By Tom Quiner

The Tampa Bay Times has won  ten Pulitzer Prizes.

This venerable paper ran a piece by a staff writer titled, “Why I’m still a virgin at 26.”


Of course you are. In these topsy turvy times, a single woman who publicly acknowledges her virginity in her twenties is more than an anomaly,  she is a statistical fluke. Even more, she sets herself up for scorn by those who have turned their back on the virtue of chastity.

Arleen Spenceley Arleen Spenceley

Chastity doesn’t have many supporters these days. One shining exception is a young lady by the name of Arleen Spenceley, the staff writer for the Tampa Bay Times mentioned above.

I encountered Ms. Spenceley’s essay thanks to Twitter. Not only is she a devout Catholic, she is comfortable publicly proclaiming her faith in a culture that is hostile to Catholicism.

She has authored her first book with…

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