Food for Thought


A few years ago, I was on the edge. My life was about to change due to events surrounding me and over which I had no control. Or did I? In therapy, I had remarked that all the years that went by seemed to have been an utter waste of time. What had I done? And what had I achieved? I compared myself with just a few remarkable people that I admire and who had set their own rules on how we should live our lives and go on to achieve great things. Not just everyday things which have to get done.

My therapist disagreed. While it all seems to be a blur now, the years that flew by were not wasted. I was in training for new events that subconsciously I had been musing on already. While my heart, body and mind did not agree with daily events and seemingly subservient tasks, my therapist asked to consider that it had all been part of the bigger plan. Her words took on a spiritual tone. Things or qualities you crave for are not given to you straight away when you ask for it. Sometimes you are just not ready.

Anyway, I asked her an old question. What if you just went ahead and did what your heart had been asking you to do all along and did not delay its plea as you had been doing all along? There’s only one way to find out, she remarked. Many of you may know the answer. Change, whether self-inflicted or brought about by external factors, is always scary. But for some of those great people who have gone on to do great things and influence their peers in positive ways it may have looked like it was a piece of cake.

It never was. Rather, think of it as a well-executed process of preparing for the great banquet. And when the table is finally laid it becomes a feast for the gods. Well, I have only one God to look up to. Spare a thought for those who just can’t seem to get out of bed and into the kitchen to face dirty dishes and uncooked essentials. Offer them a hand if you can. If encouragement is lacking to you, seek out only those who will offer it. And if you’ve come that far, finish the job and lead the way.



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