Happy Valentine’s Day


did you notice how many time’s we’ve said good-bye?

always parting like love birds, reluctant, but still shy

“there’s a storm gathering”, i gulped, can you remember?

it was too cold to be out anyway and we’d much rather be in

we shake off the raindrops like the egyptian goose gathering her brood

they are fed comforted and cherished i wonder what that feels like

can you remember?

district six 1

i am still jealous like the fox who snatched its meal away from our eyes

the winter still drops heavily on my shoulders the storm clouds still collide

like a low rumbling orgasm, or how do you feel?

i feel like the single panther still hiding in the tree of life

not weak but looking into the darkness anyway and i’d much rather be in

i’m grateful but i think we’ve reached the peak of the blue mountain

i hear footsteps now i try to listen but there’s a new journey on the horizon

we can never look back like the wife of lot did a long time ago

you are kind caring loving but be careful and ponder your prey

like the eagle

will we meet again?













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