About Mark Whelan


My journey from clerk to writer has barely begun. It’s on the proverbial road less travelled and it hasn’t been easy so far. But has it been worthwhile? You tell me. Today, I write about my home town more than anything else. Most of my writing is still in the drawer. But the seeds have already been planted and soon the process of revision and re-writing will begin. Where it will lead to is too soon to say. Among the works shelved for now is a story about a young woman who chooses an unconventional life. Her character is loosely based on a few controversial personages created by one or two of the great Renaissance writers of the past.

Some of my writing is autobiographical. A collection of short stories which talks more about our cultural diversity than anything else has triggered me to write more about my life from the time I was growing up to the present day. The outline of my work to date is modelled on a structure used by one of South Africa’s greatest writers from the past fifty years or so. While the short story collection will prove to be entertaining, if not thought-provoking to close readers, the autobiographical project may take some years to develop. All I ask for is some patience and at least another twenty years added to my short life to do this. In the meantime, a little poetry now and then sparks some inspiration for more rough notes.

I am a creative writer of fiction and non-fiction. Some of the writing is serious while other writings should elicit a smile or some inspiration for the reader. I have a curious mind and when time allows this I have my head buried in biographical and historical works, broadening my mind and discovering new places and learning about the people who have shaped our universe and the people who still do this today. Here, you are going to read mostly book and movie reviews, but if you have a particular interest you are more than welcome to leave a comment and I will explore this for you. New things and new faces piqué me as well.

In order to put food on the table I’ve started freelancing in a demanding market which is not far removed from you. My expertise includes copy-editing, research and proofreading. And I’m qualified with a BA in Languages and Literature. Remember how I told you that my journey as a writer had only begun. Well, after completing my degree I decided to further my studies with a second degree, BA Honours in English. Further down the road is a more ambitious project of putting together a portfolio of works which will serve as an application to do a Masters in Creative Writing. I now know that it is not impossible to do. Again, all I ask for is time and the resources to carry this out.

In the meantime please enjoy your reading.










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